Johnson’s World Famous Quality Caramel Corn – Halloween Tub

image of Johnson's Halloween Caramel Corn
Johnson’s Halloween Caramel Corn

What sweet treat do you want for this Halloween?

Even if you swore off sweets it’s a challenge not to sneak a candy bar or grab a handful of popcorn on Halloween. All these goodies surround us. I already opened my candy bars and had to shop for more. The candy distributors surely wish all consumers were like me. That’s why they display Halloween candy and chocolate way before the holiday.

Popcorn is low-calorie, usually. This is how I rationalize eating sweets. Well, maybe it’s not low-calorie if you add all that caramel sugar. However, it does taste yummy and delicious.

The Halloween Tub of Johnson’s World Famous Caramel Corn really satisfied my sweet tooth! What a great treat for our Halloween weekend get-together. Loved the flavor of the caramel popcorn.———

Johnson’s hand-cooks the caramel popcorn every seven minutes of every day. Johnson’s Popcorn was established in 1940 and pops its own popcorn, using the finest ingredients. The air-popped popcorn is blended in large copper kettles and mixed by hand the exact same way they started in 1940.

The 28oz tub of caramel popcorn is equal to 19 cups, so there is plenty of popcorn for everyone to share. The tub is tastefully decorated with vibrant, fun Halloween colors and artwork. They have popcorn tins and tubs for different holidays and seasons, not just for Halloween.

They also offer five other popular flavors including cheddar, peanut crunch, chocolate drizzle, platinum, and butter. All prices include shipping or you can visit the store in Ocean City, NJ. Johnson’s Popcorn makes life a little sweeter. Send it as a gift to someone or order it for yourself.