Cookie and Candy Pop Popcorn

image of two bags of cookie pop popcorn for cookie and candy popcorn post

Okay, what could possibly be better than combining your favorite snacks?  Cookies, candy, and popcorn.  And these combinations are just so, so delicious!  Well done, Cookie and Candy Pop Popcorn.

This truly is the best version of “sweet and savory.”  Back in the day, I used to pop some chocolate candies into my popcorn bowl myself. Now, I can just conveniently grab a bag from the store and be all ready for my movie night.

Cookie Pop: Some really awesome combos here: Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and Nutterbutter. Also, a great Halloween Edition that is pretty exciting.  The taste is great—real pieces of your favorite cookie clustered together with the popcorn.

Candy Pop: You may lose your mind here. I completely did! Choices include M&M Minis, Butterfinger, Snickers, Twix, and believe it or not, Sour Patch Kids.  I know the Sour Patch Kids kind of sounds weird but it is actually really good.

These snacks are completely worth your time.  They are about 150 calories per serving, made with non-GMO corn, are low in sodium, and made right here in the USA.

Make sure you check out Cookie and Candy Pop Popcorn now and be all ready for the upcoming Halloween night festivities.  Also…just keep a bag in your car for whenever you just want a little treat for yourself.