KB Moving Sand Art

sand art

I just received quite honestly the coolest new addition to my office.  KB Collection Sand Art is a collection of interactive, mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind Sandpictures by KB the Sandman.

This has become such a pretty and tranquil piece on my desk.  I have one of the Screenies which is Sandman Klaus Bosch’s tribute to Pop Artist Andy Warhol and features vivid colors.  The size of the frame is 7×4 inches and is perfect for your nightstand, desk, or bookshelf.   I have the Screenie Fairyland ($29.95) and couldn’t be happier.  It has beautiful pinks/purples/teals and really brightens up my desk.

Each color of the sand represents a different density.  As the sand moves around it will never hold in the same way twice.  Each turn of the frame brings a new presentation to your decor.  It is relaxing, calming, soothing, and mesmerizing.

Here is what you do.  Turn the sand picture over and watch how the sand trickles between air bubbles.  More air will bring peaks and valleys.  Less air makes more of a dune shape.  You can easily position the frame vertically or horizontally.

In a world where we live in stress and really crazy family schedules, it is a super nice treat to sit and watch the sand flow for a few minutes.  Kind of recharging for this busy girl.

Check out KB Collection Sand Art for your peace of mind!