S’mores with an extra kick…yup sign me up!

It is summer people…and along with the heat, the vacations and the extra time with the kiddies comes endless nights around the fire pit.  My kids love an after dinner sweet and what could be better than s’mores.  Quite honestly, even at my age I adore them too!  I was so excited to bring home these super cool marshmallows from Stuffed Puffs that are packed with chocolate!  Yes…I said within the marshmallow is chocolate.  What I am telling you is that once they melt…the chocolate flows and oozes.  The chocolate is perfectly placed right in the middle and I have to say it is pure genius.  And everyone is just happy and enjoying the yummy!  How many times have you attempted the s’mores making process only to have your over excited child wanna stop warming the marshmallow too fast and then the chocolate doesn’t really melt.  These are 100% the solution and work like a charm!

You can grab them at Walmart – I went through the bag we are trying already and am heading to the store this weekend for more!  The kids are hooked and their friends are asking to come over and try them!  I even hear they are working on new flavor combinations – this can get exciting.  The bag will cost you just under $4.00 and is completely worth it.  Grab yourself some graham crackers and some skewers and get ready for delicious!

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