Kencko to Increase Your Fruits and Veggies!

Listen, we are all busy and we all fall down that bad eating path.  Somehow it is just easier to grab “chips” or “candy” and hop in the car.  And that is always my excuse; “I’m in a big rush” and “it was right there easy to stuff in my bag.”

What if I told you that you can eat more fruits and vegetables and it can be totally delicious and easy?!?  This week, I was treated to trying out the great snack options from Kencko.  These products contain no refined sugar, no artificial additives, and they are USDA organic.  We checked out their gumdrops, but they also offer smoothies and bowls that I simply cannot wait to try!

Gumdrops ($2.99/packet):  Okay, simple concept here.  This is just the good stuff but actually tastes like candy.  Each bag actually tells you what is inside (for example, one apple, three strawberries, a slice of beetroot, a slice of pumpkin, chicory root, and a squeeze of lemon). 

I mean, in one small snack how is that even possible.  Flavors that we tried included berrylicious (strawberries, beetroot, pumpkin, chicory root, apple, lemon), passionista (mango, passionfruit, turmeric, agave fiber, apple, lemon), gingerella (orange, carrot, ginger, agave fiber, apple, lemon), and bananarama (banana, sweet potato, agave fiber, apple, lemon).  They really are delicious and I have to admit my gut is thanking me!  So many great benefits here!

Check them out!

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