Review: RiftBall

Rift Ball

Who wants to read about another cool outdoor game that will bring you and your family together?!  We have been checking out a few new items this past weekend as a family; such a nice feeling to be out in the fresh air and spending time away from screens/phones/chaos/stress. RiftBall ($89.99) is a game we love. You just have to grab it up so you are ready for spring/summer events and barbecues: the newest game from B3 products.

RiftBall is a two-net and paddle ball game that you can set up in no time at all. What you get in the box: top pole, 2 game nets, 2 paddles, 2 game balls, and a great nylon carry bag.   You can set this up very easily at home in your backyard, at the beach, camping, tailgating…heck, even in your basement to be honest!

You have this nice open space between the top net and bottom net in which you volley back and forth with your opponent.  I am so bad with setup and I hate the whole put holes in your lawn thing but this was SO SO EASY and not cumbersome or invasive.

Last year I showed you all Bean Bag Bucketz—my kids are just loving that still so much.  Never gets old; fun all the time.  Check out RiftBall and other awesome B3 games!