KETO//OS Dietary Supplements; this is so interesting!

Listen up: I have a line of products that will help you on your quest to a healthier you.  KETO//OS is bringing us into the “Ketone Revolution” by fueling you differently and helping you be your absolute best you each day.  Here is a little breakdown by me of a few of their products I am trying out.  I am sooo lucky; and truly learning all about this way of living!

“Keto// Kreme is a packet of “creamer” for your coffee that transforms your morning jolt into brain and body fuel in seconds.  The product is derived from the health fat in the heart of the coconut and helps you increase your ketone production, minimize food cravings and help you increase focus and energy.  Literally you get all of this from a small .79oz package.  It is actually quite yummy and creamy and helps my body do a better job of what it should be doing to keep me on top and maybe even smaller in my gut!  The “swiss cacao” supplement can be caffeine free or “charged”.  I’ve tried both versions and they are great options for energy and the best you one can be!  If you are less into coffee and chocolate they even have “maui punch” options both caffeinated and caffeine free.  I tell you; I am super intrigued and have liked what I have tried so far.  I always wanted to go “keto” and this may actually get me to do it.  I feel a boost, I feel stronger and I know my body is doing things it wasn’t doing before!

So many great options to comfortably incorporate this healthy way of life into your diet.  This “taste test” was a real eye opener for me.


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