Air Fryin’ Frieling Style!

New school year = new energy.  Clean and organized backpacks, brand new markers and a plan to make the school lunch and snacks eating a little more healthy in this abode.  Just in time for what I call the “September Endeavor” is my opportunity to try out the Air Fryer XL from Frieling.  Of course I would be in good hands since the company has been striving and succeeding with innovative and fresh ideas since 1988.  The XL is simply no different.  We now have the ability to enjoy the fried foods we love without the added, nasty fat.  This is a wonderful solution for meats, veggies and more.  We started out making chicken and I have to tell you – the end result was everyone loving dinner.  The pieces were crispy on the outside and totally moist on the inside.  The fryer has a 4.6 quart capacity which means plenty of room for meal big enough for everyone.  All the parts are easily removed for cleaning; the baskets interlock for safety and are dishwasher safe.

Check out our before:

Less than 40 minutes later (there is an enclosed cookbook with some cool recipes/ideas):

Super delish and again, so easy to clean and store you could use daily!

Please check this out and make a healthy change for your household.  Next up over hear, kale chips!  Air Fryer XL costs about $250.00.

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