Kinapure Shea Butter Gift Set

image of open box with four jars of kinapure moisturizer, different varieties

Here is a great option for someone on your list that loves to indulge in some great skincare. Kinapure Shea Butter Gift Set ($50) is a 4-piece trip into moisturizer heaven.

Shea Butter is my personal go-to for winter dry skin.  It can also be a great solution for stretch marks,  itchy skin, rashes, inflammation, wounds/cuts, psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. You can use these Kinapure products all year long, but I really see a difference during the cold, winter months.

What you get in the gift box:  four jars of their great scent options (one is fragrance-free).

Fragrance-Free Shea Butter – great for those with sensitive skin.  I use it as my daily after-shower/shaving cream. You can also use this on a newborn.

Grapefruit Shea Butter – This is your anti-inflammatory go-to. A great option to keep a youthful glow to your skin and has an amazing citrus scent.

Lavender Shea Butter – Here is your antiseptic option – great for skin cuts/wounds/burns and healing. Also amazing for your hair/nails and skin in general. This one I keep by my bedside.  Something about this tranquil scent is perfect for my nighttime routine.

Cocoa Vanilla Shea Butter – my personal favorite. This one is great for all-around skin beauty. The scent is ridiculously good. Like additive good. You will want to keep this one in your bag so you always have it. Sometimes I just open the darn thing up and smell it.

Check out all of the scented and fragrance-free moisturizers from Kinapure. Great for holiday gifts!