SlideAway Toy Storage Basket Review

When we got this in to review, I recognized it immediately from the advertisements! Every parent has seen or heard about the magical baskets that will keep your kid’s toys in check. I was a skeptic. No way my children will actually use these or that they will work properly! But…to my pleasant surprise, I found that the SlideAway Toy Storage Basket from CreativeQT actually does work great! For only $49.99, it is a steal!


My kids love pulling the basket to their playmat and tipping it over. Since it covers quite a wide surface area, they have lots of room to see all of their toys. Before, the blocks were in a bin, and you had to dig to find the piece you wanted. But the SlideAway Toy Storage Basket doubles as a play mat. So, with everything spread out, they can find what they want more easily. I also love that the sides of the playmat can be put up, so no little toys can roll away.

I love how nice the basket looks closed. It actually looks like it belongs in a tidy home and not a toddler-overthrown whirlwind of a house. My husband is happy that he does not find any lego blocks anymore with his feet. Cleaning up the toys is now only a matter of seconds! And even the kids can do it that quickly!

The SlideAway Toy Storage Basket holds 9 gallons of toys! That is a whole lot! It is very sturdy. The handles are strong and can manage the weight of 9 gallons of toys easily.

I love this basket! And I will be getting some more to put other toys away too! Made by a family-owned small business in the United States, you can rest assured that your SlideAway Toy Storage Basket will be made with quality materials and be a true piece of workmanship! Get yours at Walmart, Amazon, or the official website. (If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get 10% off your first order.)