Kinderlyte Is A Must For Your Quarantine Medical Kit

So when this whole unbelievable thing started we all scrambled and bulk ordered Tylenol and vitamins to make sure we didn’t have to go anywhere for anything.  I think I have something else here in front of me we should add to our safety stockpile.  Make room next to your 100 rolls of toilet paper for Kinderlyte.  This is real hydration right when you need it with zero artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.  This product starts literally on a farm.  This is the real deal; Non-GMO.  The product is vegan and gluten free.  Most importantly to me, no fructose added – quite honestly we want a product that is effective when our children are under the weather.  Juice simply slows down absorption and hydration and no momma I know needs that.   In fact, that is how Kinderfarms came to be.  The owner found himself purchasing a hydration product at 2am that was chock full of artificial everything.  He decided to develop his own natural version and that he did.  If you want to read more about the artificial problem please check these studies out!

Kinderlyte has IAT (instant absorption technology) that brings the nutrients and electrolytes straight into the bloodstream in the fast lane.  Purchasing options include liquids and powders.  I have to say the flavors just amazed me.  We all have that picky kid who just doesn’t like anything.  I just know they will find one here with options that include orange, grape, fruit punch, coconut lime, raspberry lemonade and wild berry.  Powder sticks are perfect for on the go situations and all you need is water and you are ready.  Flavor options here include fruit punch, lemonade, wild berry and lemon lime.  The pricing is perfect (about $7 for the liquid and about $12 for a package of 6 powder packets.

Please check them out and grab your stock!  This is a great company!

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