Kinsa Thermometer

With school just starting and the germs flowing I am glad to have my Kinsa; “the world’s smartest thermometer”. Simply spend a few moments downloading the free app (Kinsa Free Health Tracker App available for Apple and Android) and plug the smart thermometer into the headphone jack on your phone.  This is no batteries required and so light its super great for traveling and always ready to use.  Average read time is 10 seconds and this momma couldn’t believe how still my kiddos sat playing the ingenious bubble popping game while Kinsa did it’s thing.  It is safe for infants children and adults making Kinsa the new family health device of your home.  It can be used orally, underarm or rectally.  For cleaning between use, soap and water, alcohol or disposable probe covers are all safe options.  The health tracker app covers your temperature history, medications, illnesses etc and provides insight and suggestions that you can share with your health care provider.  I was so psyched to see that there are even groups to join within the app (your school, workplace,etc) so you can compare symptoms and see what is “going around”.

For more information and to purchase this fantastic and smart device please visit  Such a home run at $19.99 with free shipping!


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