Outback Hiking Boots

The fall crisp air always brings about my need to be outside; walking and enjoying the cool air and the great smells.  My new hiking boots from Ridgemont Outfitters: Outback are bringing me to the trails in style.  These boots are perfect as you can easily transition from your hike or walk into your daily errands with ease.  They are super rugged and can stand up to the toughest elements.  The reason so strong: they are made with “2mm waxed full grain leather”with cotton canvas,  and “vulcanized outersole”.  What is vulcanized? It is the process the good people at Ridgemont Outfitters use involving high heat that bonds materials together making them stronger.  The canvas used brings about a water-resistant barrier for extra protection.  My favorite feature is the “ortholite” innersoles that improve your arch while never going flat.  They repeal moisture for comfort no matter what.  Finally, the boots outersole is really thick to ward off the elements on the terrain (including the toys you trip over constantly at home!).  The Outback comes in an array of color options: auburn/red (these are the ones I have: a perfect blend with so much of your wardrobe), black/burgundy, black/gray, brown/olive and gray/orange.  They are priced at around $135.00 and worth every penny!  Amazing comfort and quality.  I wore them for my latest busy week day and they kept me calm cool and collected all day!  For more information please visit http://shopus.ridgemontoutfitters.com/collections/outback.  You can also purchase on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QQS7QKC?keywords=Ridgemont%20Outback%20boots&qid=1444704061&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1.

Ridgemont Hiking Boot

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