Kitty Cardboard for Playful Felines

Our feline friends deserve some extra love this holiday season too, and Kitty Cardboard is a perfect option for them.  Kitty Cardboard are adorable and whimsical cardboard boxes/”apartments” that have holes cut out for cats to climb in and out of, or just peek out as they relax! 

Kitty Cardboard comes flat when shipped, but it was very easy to pop up and put together.  It says it is good for small to medium cats, but even my big boys (16lbs and 24lbs) were able to go in and out of it.  They enjoyed napping or relaxing in there and being able to see out, and they really enjoyed when I threw a toy in there and they rolled around inside the box playing with it.  Kitty Cardboard has a wide variety of themed boxes, not just for the holidays, but also for everyday fun, and it allowed for some “awwwwww” worthy pictures!  The boxes provide comfort and security for cats as they get used to a new environment, have to travel, or just for everyday naps and play.  The boxes are easy to fold flat for travel.  This is a great idea for your own cats, or as a gift for the cat parents on your Christmas list.  Kitty Cardboard donates products to animals shelters and pet organizations across the country, and donate a portion of their proceeds as well, and I love that we can support another company that looks to give back.  Delivery is also very quick, and it only takes 2-5 business days to arrive.  Check out and order one at

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