Ok this might be the coolest accessory I have seen in a while.  And I have seen many accessories doing what I do here at http://famadillo.com.

Enter Kuhfs; no that isn’t a typo that is the name of this fantastic piece of fabric that you can expertly wrap around your boot, jeans, leggings capris and more in an effort to re-invent your wardrobe as it is.  I grabbed a pair of my comfy jeans and tried out the wonderful samples I was sent today and now I have my outfits planned for the work week.  Couldn’t be easier to use; all you do is align the Kuhf with the back seam of your boot or the middle of your calf, wrap it around snugly and slide the included pin into the pocket of the Kuhf  and either over your boot or by grabbing the bottom of your pants in the pin.  Literally 3 seconds to a new pair of pants.  So many great patterns ( I have “class act” a woven pattern perfect for work and “sin-amon” a dazzling sequin fabric great for Friday night out with the girls).  Please check them out: http://www.kuhfs.com/.


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