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School.  Is.  In.  Session.  I am a happy momma.  I always supply my kids with the best and Crayola is exactly that.  I know my daughter can express her artistic side with the items I just packed up in her backpack.  All of their products are “preferred by teachers” and I know exactly why: they are super vibrant colors and all around top quality.  Our box of 24 crayons are non-toxic and such great color options like “rose” and “apricot”: these aren’t the red and green we grew up with.  The colored pencils are pre-sharpened (Bonus) and all the colors are brilliantly bold.  This box has three different shades of blue!  She is totally set for anything!  We will be the envy of the classroom with our two versions of markers.  Our box of 10 classic colors have the broad line tip you are used to and even comes with violet and pink (we never had those two colors growing up)!  If you are looking for washable options try their “ultra-clean washable markers”.  These are amazing; they wash out of clothes, walls and hands!  Please check out all their options.  We are ready for whatever classroom assignment comes our way!  Please check out

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