La Grande Boucherie NYC reviews

Saying La Grande Boucherie is a French restaurant in Midtown, New York, is an understatement. The presence of its space hits you once you approach the restaurant. Not only does it look like a beautiful Parisian restaurant, but it’s also such an immense space that envelops you, transporting you to France.

The restaurant itself extends the entirety of two Manhattan streets. It even extends outward into the courtyard of the walkway between the two. Its arched ceilings and artwork make the space cozy.

The brunch menu is authentic Parisian; we had the onion soup, the Saumon en Papillote, as well as Tartare de Saumon au Caviar. The food was delicious and beautifully presented. The service was excellent as well.

This place is kid-friendly as they have French toast, fruit salad, and a variety of burgers. They also have a few alcohol-free drinks that look like high-end cocktails. Our daughter had the Berrymania, which was made of raspberries, cranberry, lemon, and sprite. This is probably one of the few French restaurants where no one will hear the noise your kids are making.

The entirety of our experience makes La Grande Boucherie unique, the combination of a French atmosphere and an immersive restaurant right in the heart of Manhattan. It’s the sounds, the smells, the space, as well as the food that gave us that unique vibe that sets this restaurant apart.