Last Minute Dad Gifts

It’s rough shopping for Dad.  We love to make him happy but nothing seems to make him happy.  That said, we made a list of some last minute gifts that might be intriguing to the man in your life.


1) Orba by Artiphon

Orba is a tiny little musical device that fits in the palm of your hand but makes awesome drum beats and loops. Does the Dad in your life love the idea of making music?  Well, this might be a perfect fit for him.  What’s great is that this device is incredibly powerful and even connects to a speaker, but it literally fit in the palm of your hand.




2) Coffee Grinder by EffiSoo

What a simple and straightforward device, but how much fun.  We don’t have a coffee grinder at home so this is a dual purpose. First, it gets him fresh ground coffee. Secondly, he can now fidget and spin his grinder around.  He’s occupied and he’s happy.




3) Sinfit

I get it!  SinFit!  You get a little spicy but yet it’s fit.  These are spices that are low sodium, gluten free, MSG free and probably the healthiest spices that you can find. But, the best bit is that they still taste rather good even thought they’re healthy.  Your man won’t know the difference!

4) Hawthorne

We’ve covered Hawthorne before and loved their quality. Their products come in this really cool black bags and just look so sleek. This is their three piece set with the shampoo, conditioner and bodywash. Considering my husband seems to love to bathe with the free bars of soap that you get in the hotel, this is definately a step up.


5) True Eats

Okay, this is more of a present for me, but my hubbie loves to page pancakes every weekend and I was getting sick of the terrible versions that he buys. Here we have TruEats which makes super healthy mixes.  You bake it the same but at least now you have protein and fiber.  Plus their plant based because who wasn’t sick of meat pancakes! Kidding!



6) Bill F 18 Piece Knife Set

Can somebody tell me how they can possibly make a high quality knife set this ridiculously affordable?  I’m telling you, I’ve opened this, I’ve played with them and they are certainly pretty good knives.  That said, these are so ridiculously affordable I wouldn’t even consider sharpening my knives if I can replace a set like this.  This is a run, don’t walk kind of deal.


7) Personalized MaykoBags

Look how gorgeous these personalized wonderful leather goods look.  To the left is the eyeglass cases which frankly look gorgeous.  To the right is the passport holder happily personalized.  These are so ridiculously good looking but not only that they are wonderfully affordable.



john kelly chocolate

7) John Kelly Chocolates

John Kelly Chocolates are such luxury, I was worried that I didn’t even take a good enough job with the photo.  This is high end, beautiful chocolates, but with some awesome angles.  I mean, Kentucky Straight Bourbon?  How can you go wrong there. But also, that dark chocolate with a spice really has a lovely kick. If you have a bourbon man or a spicy man, then this might be a great fit.



8) Dr. Tusk

Dr Tusk makes manly, man products with a wonderfully appealing angle.   When they list ingredients such as “dragon’s blood”, you know you’re husband will go nuts for it. These are made up of Hemp, Caffeine and basically well, your man will be in love with them.  I love that they really do have everything you need in terms of soap, all in one, lotion, shaving cream and more. But to make it even better, they have a mission to save elephants which is just a wonderful mission. So it’s direct on the products as well as part of their big identity.

Absolutely love this stuff!

9) Cookies Take a Bite

A family owned company right in Santa Rosa. These are all natural cookies that taste amazing. In this box, you’ll see a mix featuring Triple Chocolate Threat and Classic Company Chips.  Sure, there are other cookies but those in particular amazed and blew me away. What more do I  need out of live besides these chocolate cookies.  Sure, you can talk about their Ginger Honey Snaps or Snickerdoodle Sugar, but the Triple Chocolate Threat changed my life.