Newest Kitchen Gadgets for 2021

These are the little things in life that make you happy.  The kitchen gadgets that just add a special touch of something to your kitchen. Do you want to just up your kitchen a notch to the next level? Well here’s a few of our favorite kitchen gadgets for 2021.


 What you see above are three totally separate products, but I loved the shot together!  The steamer is by iPlayloft where you can cook authentic Asian food, in two 10 inch baskets.  I’ve seen silicone steamers and others but this is an authentic steamer.   Bloomhale makes the adorable chicken chalkboard and I loved not only how it looked in this country kitchen theme, but with everything in the photo. I just felt like it fit that look.  Lastly in the shot, you’ll see Kitchen Mama‘s can opener. This is so cool because it is tight and compact and perfect for apartment living.  Plus, it just looks adorable!

We have covered TubShroom‘s drains before and simply loved them.   We called it a Better Drain and we meant in. Now they have an entire series of products to make your home life a little easier. Who normally thinks about such fun tasks as cleaning a drain or a toilet, but well, here we are.

You saw our theme of little bombs earlier, but why not make your own with a Bomb Mold? I feel like this is not something I would’ve thought of originally but this is so easy. It’s a seven piece set and super simple to use.

MomRemedy makes natural cleaning products which I absolutely adore. They are safe, and based with Hydrogen Peroxide so basically as natural as you can get.  With how unhealthy the world is, I’d rather not add more chemicals to my life so this is a great alternative.

Zulay Kitchen

Zulay Kitchen makes tons of awesome kitchen gadgets. Picture those cool gadgets you need to by at the local store but of super high quality.   What you see here is Bench Scraper and the
Dough Blender. These are gadgets you wouldn’t think to buy yourself but of wonderfully awesome high quality.  Talk about an awesome little kitchen gift!

Loom and Table

Loom and Table made luxury linens for years and now makes it for the home. I love the fact that you can enter any measurements that you’d like and they’ll customize exactly for your home.  See the table in the photo is one of those super long and extendible tables and finding linens can be quite a daunting task.   These are really high quality linens from a factory producing high quality linens for generations.  But the best part has to be that it’s customized for you and shipped straight to your house!



Okay, if you’re thinking to yourself, how can a mill be an exciting gadget, I don’t think you understand this. See that pod? They have multiple pods. Interchangeable pods.  Once I started using this, I was addicted. Why? How often do you find you’re washing pod number one while waiting for pod number two.  Now I can grind my rosemary, maybe, my toasted onion, or even my sea salt. In fact, int he photo, you’ll see I laid out each of those type of flavors as you can’t just mix up various flavors without a taste impact on the next one. I couldn’t consider stopping cooking and washing the mill each time. But now, here we are… a solution!