Ordering Flowers from FlowerFix for Valentine’s Day

At times, ordering flowers online, there might not seem to be any differentiation from one vendor to the next. I have found quite often that I’ve been just googling whatever seemed to be the cheapest and fastest flower service to order from.


What makes Flower Fix unique is the fact that they truly seem to care. When I hit issues on my delivery, they were immediately on the case. Things going wrong. Weather, etc… this was most likely weather and thereby nothing to do with them.

That said, one email later, and they reached out by phone and text and they had a new order white out to me. In fact, customer service wise I would say they were by far one of the most attentive companies that I’ve dealt with. They hit me back by every means of communication and had it handled before I even had the chance to think about it.


Maybe this is because they have a leadership team with a few decades of experience. Or maybe they realize a lesson that a lot of companies have not realized which is that customer service is there to differentiate yourselves from other companies out there.


Now, if you look at the picture now you’ll notice that do you look incredible. When you consider all the other factors in ordering flowers: The sourcing for delivery, everything, the most important one has to be customer service.


It’s this attention to detail that makes this company stand out from the rest.