This Gal is Ordering Men’s Shoes More

I never thought of it before, but why is it that I don’t ever look in the men’s aisle for shoes. It’s a simple and quick conversion, and sometimes the mens’ version fits the look I want more than the women’s pair.

When I first saw the Vintage Foundry Co, I immediately thought, “Oh, that said Mens, so I guess I can’t try it on….” well, you see the point. I was just so oblivious, and I’m glad I learned.

Here are three takeaways of why these are perfect for any gal.




These boots are not going anywhere.  I mean, they are so ruggedly made and high quality I easily could see these being in my collection for quite some time. This leads to the next point.


I love this classic workboot style.  Sure, I could use these to go hiking or construction work, but if I had the confidence to show you how I looked in a skirt… well, you get the idea.  They are a classic style that will be around for years to come.




I remember at some point pre-pandemic, I walked on the cobblestone streets of lower Manhattan with some cute high heels, and well, you can imagine the results. Not pretty.  These are solid shoes that not only look adorable, I pretty much prefer the rugged look and feel when walking instead of little stilettos.


Plus, overall, they have free shipping and look basically gorgeous.  It’s not an option I would have considered and now that I have, I can’t turn back!

Check out Vintage Foundry.