Talia Pizza has Heart Shaped Pizza

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we’ve already loved Talia Pizza but now they upped the ante with a heart shaped pizza!

They call is Pizza Amore, and I love the fact of how fun it is to have this cool heart shape. But what’s even better is… these pizzas are shipped straight from Italy.

So you have a choice. Order terrible pizza that looks terrible from your terrible local place.

Or, option B, you can order a heart shaped pizza which looks awesome and is made by an Italian in Italy who has been making pizza since pizza was invented.

No pressure, but I have a feeling one of those pizza choices is much better than the others.

They have a six pack for $100 with the free shipping so you can easily order a six pack and get them right to your front door in only a few days.

Try them both and compare and I have a feeling the authentic pizza will taste a million times better than your local place and the quality is probably better too.

But I can’t promise it will look like the photo. That will take a bit of work to lay out the photos and all.

Check them out here.