Libby Bubbled Wine for Anytime!

image of Libby bubbled wine

Let’s get ready for some springtime/summertime celebrations!  I am super excited to have the great Libby bubbled wines here in my cooler for my next get-together.

What is this bubbled wine, you ask? Well, it is scientific actually; through the science of bubbles, you get fewer calories and less alcohol for a great wine experience.  These are about 75 calories per serving and all USA (California) grown.   They are also non-GMO, vegan friendly, and gluten-free spirits.  Also, Libby bubbled wine has consistent bubbles, not just at the beginning of the pour, and this really makes for a great flavor and aroma to your beverage.

Here are your options:  We have tried them all and LOVE each and every one!

Rose Blend: This is strawberries meet melon and cherry.  More on the dry side than sweet which I adored!

White Blend: (my fave) This is peach, floral, and citrus zest.  Very energized and dry taste.  Simply refreshing and delicious.

You can purchase Libby Bubbled Wine by the bottle or in a can (perfect for the beach).  You can also subscribe and save (monthly/every other month) so you never run out!

Cost is about $18 a bottle or $22 for a 4PK/cans.  Check them out!