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liberty_scienceThe Liberty Science Center is a 300,000-square-foot learning center dedicated to science fun for people of all ages. It is in Jersey City, New Jersey which is directly across from New York City.  It is easy to get to with public transportation from Manhattan and has paid parking as well. An added perk for us was free electric car charging.

We visited during a weekend full of Star Wars activities called “Science, Sabers and Star Wars”. Showing up in costume saved $5 on admission so there were many storm troopers and Princess Leias walking around. My daughter was able to pose for pictures with an exact replica of R2-D2 which was an awesome experience.  She couldn’t believe how big he was “in real life”.

My daughter loved the Touch Tunnel and the Infinity Climber. The Touch Tunnel is one of the more popular exhibits where you crawl and navigate through an 80 foot long tunnel in pitch black darkness.  When you come out you can see pictures of your dark voyage. The Infinity Climber is a suspended multi-story play space where you can hang up to 35 feet off the atrium floor.  It is very futuristic looking with its massive platforms and curved steel pipes. I couldn’t get my daughter out!

I highly recommend a visit to the Liberty Science Center where it is impossible to be bored!

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  1. The touch tunnel traumatized me as a kid, but I would love to go back to the Liberty Science Center. My favorite part about the museum is that they taught children of all ages the magic of Science in a tactic way that was both unique and interesting. There’s something to be said about learning from a hands on experience instead of sitting at a desk in the classroom.

  2. It’s so great to see a young girl interested in Star Wars and science. There are so many that are, but most people see the topics as “boy topics” and I feel like that discourages girls from expressing their interest.

  3. What an awesome exhibit! I love seeing a girl interested in Star Wars, as it reminds me of myself when I was younger. Keep up that interest!

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