Wild Hibiscus

The ladies are coming over for the next big awards show and I cannot wait to debut my homes new signature drink featuring the wonderful products from Wild Hibiscus.  These are quite literally the coolest products EVER!  Here is the deal: inspired by a dinner party tradition in Australia where guests dropped a flower in their champagne glass which then opened up and looked super pretty, the company was born.  These flowers are submerged in Australian cane sugar and spring water and can be kept 36 months ready for some cocktail action!  Each 12.3 oz jar holds 15 whole flowers perfect for enhancing your next drink or meal!  Simply click on their beverage and food recipe tabs and off you go to designing your new favorite indulgence!  I am not gonna lie; the dessert and dressing recipes look out of this world!  Do yourself a favor and pair the flowers with
“Rose + Hibiscus” flower extract to color your beverage a pretty pink!  Side note: what an amazing aroma!  Other items to choose from as well; they are all so reasonably priced!  I wanna serve up a flute of champagne, stick in a flower, add a little syrup and I have myself the drink I deserve!  Please visit http://www.wildhibiscus.com/. This is Valentines/Mother’s Day/Ladies Night/Any Night all rolled into one!  (Another tip: the company’s twitter page “@wildhibiscusCo” features more ideas and recipes galore!

wild hibiscus

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