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I just found my new “MUST HAVE” for the kiddies lunch boxes.  Amazingly healthy and yummy pouches from Fruit Me Up.  These are the perfect size (3.2 oz) to accompany any sandwich or yogurt cup and have 25% less sugar than other brand pouches while being all natural and contain no high fructose corn syrup.  This is simply music to my ears and I am the mommy who constantly strives to feed my children the very best in a world of rushing and snacking in the car!  I constantly beg and plead with my kids to eat more fruits and veggies; these pouches are a whole daily serving!  Best part is they loved them: they tried a bunch of Fruit Me Up’s variety of choices and each time they were all smiles!  Flavor options include “only apple”, “only apples, peaches and apricots”, “only apples, mangoes and pineapples”, and “only apples, strawberries and bananas”.  They also have “BOOST” options that contain extra fiber, calcium, protein, Omega-3 ALA and antioxidant vitamin C.  These have such cool combinations like “blueberry, banana and acerola cherry”, “citrus, honey and green tea” (THIS ONE I LOVED) as well as other options.  Please check this super cool company out at  They are available at Amazon, Whole Foods and other locations (listed on their website).

fruit me up


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  1. Kid’s drinks are hidden with horrible artificial ingredients. If you don’t look carefully, you can be giving your kid enough sugar that will affect their health in an enormous way, down the line. Fruit Me Up definitely has the right idea. Let’s start fresh and make sure our children aren’t reliant on preservatives and sugary food.

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