A Little Friday The 13th Humor From This Scaredy Cat!

I feel like I am constantly turning my head around worried that someone in a “Jason Mask” will be behind me.  And I don’t think I will shower later today either for fear of that other scary movie and how that went.  I wish I could watch those movies but they give me nightmares and that is saying a lot since I gave birth to two little demons of my own! LOL

I thought I would share some cute Friday 13th posts on Instagram I found in an effort to lighten up and make the hairs on my arms calm down.  By the way, if this is your thing you should enjoy the day!  We won’t have another Friday the 13th until 2023!

Happy Friday the 13th ya’ll!

Who wants to cuddle?!?



LOL and yes today is a working Friday…

Not a reason in the world we can’t be casual today…


Uh oh is soooo right!


Honestly I am printing these rules and walking around with them all damn day…

LOL….resting up on the 12th for the “Big Day”…


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