Sometimes It Is Super Nice To Feel Pretty

Last night I went out with my two best girls and had the best time catching up and laughing about silly stuff.  I honestly didn’t think for one second about all my worries and woes the entire evening.  That is what these girls do for me and in the midst of work, the hubby, being the kids taxi service and juggling this crazy calendar of events I was thrilled to freshen up last night and head out the door.

Here is where this gig is the best thing on earth; I needed a new neck accessory to pop on and lucky for me just this week I was sent a truly awesome necklace from Soufeel and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  So the necklace I have is one of their “engraved bar necklaces” which they perfectly added on #futureisfemale (it is like they know me or something).   They have an array of styles to choose from and you can personalize it as you wish.  Prices range around $30-$75 depending on which you choose.   

The company is based in my beautiful New York and carries truly unique bracelets, necklaces, rings, charms etc and the prices are pretty awesome.  The quality is really good and they offer free shipping on orders over $49 or the standard is under $6 anyhow.  Guys; think holidays, Mother’s Day, birthdays, friends, your daughter, etc.  I just ordered their new and hot name necklaces for my nieces for Christmas.  They are a trending hot item on their easy to navigate website so it was a no brainer for this busy mom/aunt!  

Check them out!  Jump start the holiday shopping like I keep saying!

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