Wanna know what’s “wicked cool”?!?

Things that are “Wicked Cool”….my kids, a pumpkin latte, oh and my job of getting to test run new cool toys for the upcoming holiday season!  We spent our long weekend checking out some of these cool items and I will share them with y’all.

These are all coming to you from Wicked Cool Toys (see what I did there)? LOL

Cabbage Patch Kids: yup; you are reading that correctly and have not hopped in a time portal back to the 1980’s.  I am so excited as a former “patch addict” to be giving my child the opportunity to experience this awesome line of toys!  So they have these adorable “Little Sprouts” play-sets that you simply must scoop up for the holiday.  They have over 100 baby/kid/pet figurines as well as the little houses to play with.  Your little one can use their imagination like mine is making a whole town to play in!  They also have adorable baby/dolls like you remember as well as these “Adoptimals” electronic pets!  These are seriously so cool!  They bark and make all sorts of cute animal sounds and with the locket/key combo you get to unlock your pets heartbeat!  So so adorable!

Egg BabiesCaution: I assure you these will be popular as most “surprise pack” toys are these days.  You get your egg, crack it open and get to keep and love one of the six available plush animals in this first series of eggs.  They have a chick, pig, turtle, bunny, puppy and kitten that you have the option of getting and if I know my kid we will be aiming to collect them all!  These cost around $12 and are adorable for stocking stuffers!

Most of these toys are available from Toys R’ Us, Amazon, Walmart and Target (or at least one of those).  Don’t wait to shop – get going now so you secure your great gifts!  My kids had such a great weekend; and now I gotta buy more Egg Babies…..


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