Ikonick Kids- Art to Inspire

Being inside for so much of this past year because of COVID has frankly sucked.  And for the kids, this past year has been especially hard.  With having to be inside of four walls, it’s hard to help them stay motivated and excited for what lies beyond when they can’t see it right now.  Ikonick Kids is a company that uses fun art to inspire kids and help break down those walls.  With classic characters as well as some new, fun characters, kids can be excited as they learn some life lessons with humor and whimsical illustrations.  These canvas prints can be ordered in different sizes from 12″x18″ all the way up to 40″x60″.  They are high quality prints on damage resistant canvas.  Paints are eco-friendly and water based, and prints are acid free.  Ikonick Kids is high quality wall art for home, school, or anywhere kids can get inspired!

Ikonick Kids has different series to choose from, and prints can be ordered individually, or together as a series with a 20% discount.  The “Definition” series includes important values for building a strong and positive character.  Even though it is meant for kids, I still smile every time I look at “Imagination” and get inspired myself by the little fish with big dreams.  I am hoping that my daughters take that lesson from the canvas as well, and follow that spunky little goldfish!  In the “Reflection” series kids can take away that you are more than you may first appear and I love the visuals of animals looking at their reflection of their potential.  The imagination and creativity that has been put into each of the series is very apparent, and using colorful and vibrant animals really help catch the eye and the spirit of the message each canvas is trying to convey.  They leave a lasting impression and the artwork and messages are very memorable.

In the “Peanuts- You Can” series, a whole new generation is introduced to the timeless character Snoopy and the Peanuts gang.  I absolutely love that Snoopy is inspiring kids through the “You Can” series to know that they can “fly, dream, build, inspire, create, dream, share, and finish.”  Ikonick Kids has been able to take one of the most iconic characters in cartoon history and bring him and the gang into modern day in illustrations that kids can connect to.  The only thing I don’t like is that I don’t have enough walls for all of them!  To check out all the Ikonick Kids canvas series and find one (or more) for your kids, go to https://ikonick.com/pages/kids

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