Low Park Hats Are The New Fave!

I am always looking for a new hat/accessory for my son.  So sick of the same team hats you see everywhere you go plus I like a product with meaning and inspiration behind it.  This is part of the reason I love this job; I get to try out new products, talk about them and share their really cool stories.  For Lower Park, owner Andrew Wiken, began exploring and purchasing textiles from Syria, The United States and Mexico that in turn were made into the first batch of hats the company made.  Since then, Lower Park has increased their textile collection (Turkey, Syria, Morocco, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia and Australia).  The production takes place in Guadalajara where Wiken himself spend a few years!

You simply must check out all the colors/designs available for purchase.  They cost around $40.00 and are totally worth it.  I personally have the Sathon hat which is a attractive striped pattern in a light khaki/light blue color scheme.  This hat is made from textiles in Thailand; country of origin is actually printed on the back of the hat.  I loved how perfect these hats are and they really don’t lose shape.  Buying one or three as gifts for the holidays is super easy.  Oh, and they arrive boxed to ensure no bending etc.  Check them out and start your holiday shopping!

Check out this interesting video also about textiles from Thailand! A truly inspiring Company!



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