Mad Mattr For Your Summer Camp At Home Needs

This summer is better than last summer for sure; but still not the way we are used to it.  Some kids (like my little one) cannot do the mask all summer in the hot summer sun.  I decided to keep them home and do my own version of summer camp right here.  A couple of friends, swimming and of course arts and crafts will complete the package.  I was thrilled to receive some great clay fun projects from Mad Mattr to fit into my self-made itinerary.

Their Bakery Set ($18) comes with this great soft modeling compound that can be easily shaped into your favorite cookies, cupcakes and donuts.  I was actually getting hungry just looking at the darn box.  You get 4 packs of colored Mad Mattr and the tools/molds you need.  The Burger Set ($13) is adorable – three colors of dough to mix, shape, mold and play.  This is create your own fast food fun!  Their Ice Cream Set ($15) includes all the colors you need for cones/popsicles/the works.  You get to be creative and then I will treat the kids to the ice cream man when he rolls down the block that evening!  Mad Mattr Glow Pack ($15) shapes easily and glows in the dark.  Think creation and then night-time smores!

I think my favorite part of this dough is the consistency; it feels sand-like and doesn’t dry up if it is left out.  Think about scooping these up for your kiddies!  Really fun!