Sagely Naturals CBD Products We Love!

Still looking for a great Mother’s Day gift that will knock her socks off??!!

I am ADORING the products from Sagely Naturals that focus on products with honest ingredients and none of the harsh chemicals and solvents.  Nowadays we cannot be too careful in an effort to avoid toxins, carcinogens and other icky germs out there.  They offer the best for sleep, stress, pain, gut health, detox, brain boost, immune support and sexual wellness.  Just hopping on the website is literally going down a rabbit hole of fantastic finds!

In the world of CBD everything I am loving the following items:

Rewind + Renew CBD Eye Cream ($25): you can get rid of the dark circles and smooth out your under eyes.  It is not greasy at all!

Rewind + Renew CBD Face Cream ($30): This amazing cream is bringing a nice glow to my skin.  I feel soft, nourished and ready for the day!

Rewind + Renew Face Serum ($35): Ok this stuff is like botox to me; you get skin nourishment and more plump and firm skin.  How everyone doesn’t have this I just don’t know.

Brightening CBD CBD Eye Cream ($30): This product is great to keep your eyes looking bright.  It is full of antioxidants and will help with the dullness, dryness and black circles.  It contains rosehip oil, madonna lily extract and more.

Brightening CBD Night Cream ($37): Ok; this is my favorite product of all.  This is going to be your “go to” after a long day’s work.  You will get a restorative night’s sleep and look rested in the  morning.  It is like a lullaby for your skin.

Brightening CBD Face Serum ($44): This will keep your skin young and fresh.  Very easy to apply and will brighten, hydrate and bring on extra antioxidants.

You will love these items!  Many more to choose from as well!