Magic Weighted Blanket

If you are looking into testing out a weighted blanket, we highly recommend those of Magic Weighted Blanket. Studies have shown that weighted blankets aid in stress relief and healthy sleeping habits. Research suggests weighted blankets may benefit people with anxiety, autism, and insomnia, in addition to other conditions.

Deep Pressure Therapy

The extra weight in these blankets mimics the therapeutic technique of deep pressure therapy. Deep pressure stimulation uses pressure to relax the nervous system. For instance, it models the experience of being held or hugged. This practice may help to reduce anxiety, relieve symptoms of depression, relieve the perception of pain, and improve overall sleep quality. Weighted blankets can help children with autism that have trouble sleeping. Furthermore, studies have shown that the use of a weighted blanket may improve attention and reduce hyperactive movements in ADHD patients.

magic weighted blanket

How They’re Made

Magic Weighted Blanket offers weighted blankets for adults, children, and to take with you on your travels. With over 20 years of experience, Magic Weighted Blanket knows what they are doing! Poly pellets create the weight within the blanket. Quilted squares of the inner layer of the blanket filled with the pellets keep the weight evenly distributed.

They even have a blanket that weighs just 14 pounds (Magic Weighted Blanket Lite), for those that find normal weighted blankets to be just a bit too heavy, but would like the benefits of a weighted blanket.

All Magic Weighted Blankets are machine washable and come with a lifetime warranty. I love how soft their chenille blankets are!

Get yours today, or get one as a Christmas present for somebody you know might be happy with some better sleep.