Disaronno Velvet


Okay, so at the end of a crazy work week, the hubby and myself like to enjoy a cocktail or two.   My personal favorite is the after-dinner cordial and for me, Disaronno never disappoints. Disaronno is style (the bottle alone is a decorative statement), quality, and Italian tradition. Their original Disaronno is a delicious, smooth amaretto treat that I personally love on the rocks.  I was so excited to try out Disaronno Velvet this week.

Disaronno Velvet is a white, creamy liqueur that is smooth and really quite good!  You can also enjoy it over ice and is a great option for cooling down this summer.  You get yourself a smooth and creamy beverage with that traditional taste of the brand.  Think almost a coconut-inspired daquiri-style drink you can enjoy with friends at your next summer gathering!

I totally recommend trying out one of their great recipe ideas.  I can tell you right now that this coming Friday I will be enjoying myself a Disaronno Fizz which adds in lemon and soda bubbles for a refreshing summer cocktail!

This is a classic beverage brand with new ideas and options!  I know I am happy to try a new drink and yet I always have a traditional bottle of Disaronno on my bar.

Check them out!