Make your candy and eat it too!

Guys; I really try to limit the “sweets intake” in this household but who am I kidding when I get home from a long day at the office and then make dinner just to have these little angels I live with ask me “what’s for dessert?”

My daughter is really creative and crafty so when I was asked to try out these cute candy making kits from Glee Gum I decided why not treat them to sweets, spend some quality time together and be creative all in one moment!  First, we tried out the “Make Your Own Chewing Gum” kit.  You have to soften the gum base, mix together stuff like sugar, syrup and flavor and after a quick knead you have yourself your very own gum you made yourself!  Both my kids were so excited to try it; I was a little worried but it was actually good!

Next up we jumped headfirst into “Make Your Own Gummies“.  DId you know that to make them you use seaweed? LOL Both kids were shocked and we started the process of boiling seaweed (extracting what we need), mixing in sugar/sour and pouring into molds.  The story about why you use seaweed really had the kids learning and thinking which I never thought possible in a candy kit.  Think playdates, sleep overs, girls night in and the holidays!  These kits are so economical (around $14) and such awesome quality!

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