I am already shopping for the holidays!

Who wants some early shopping ideas….come on; you know that part of you wants to just start shopping, wrapping and putting stuff away.  Check out some of these awesome ideas:

Wonder Crew: this is a cute line of dolls for the boys.  Think your little one and their doll are both superheros and can now combine the “adventure” you get with an action figure with the snuggly connection you get with a doll.  The line’s motto: Go Anywhere, Be Anything.  Nothing better than a gift that inspires that amazing message!  The superhero doll comes in 4 varieties and this is the cool part: they offer these “adventure packs” that allow you to change the doll’s outfit to be an explorer, a construction worker, or curl up in some pajamas.  The quality of both the doll and accessories is great!  You will love the message and the product and the price point is perfect (just around $30 for the doll).  These are available in Target as well as Toys R Us.  

Qwitch: So this fun card game is appropriate for ages 7 and up.  Both my kids enjoyed playing this together this weekend.  It is a fantastic race to match the cards on the top of the pile; can be letters or numbers and as the cards fly you may make a mistake!

7ate9: How about a cute game where the goal is to get rid of your cards.  In this mathematical mind game appropriate for ages 8 and up you are adding or subtracting by 1-2-3 to the number already on the card pile to see if you have the magical card that can be played next.  Watch out though; this goes fast and we were having such laughs with the constant card changing!

Dice Stack:  Ok this game we played for a while.  Super adorable and gets you thinking and adding.  The goal is stack up the colorful slant/shaped dice in the best order to collect the most points.  The gold die helps you to double your score.  If the dice fall, you lose your points.  I think this game should start the work week; everyone would be all smiles.

These are just a few; I have more to come! Check them out and start shopping!



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