For the parents aches and pains…

Let’s face it; we are all over the place and lifting things and people out of the darn mini van all day long.  I guess age is a factor as well and sometimes I know I have to admit defeat and take an extra supplement for the joints (don’t tell anyone I still tell people I am 25).

For those exceptionally painful days I am checking out two new products that fell into my lap this week.

BaxMAX Lumbar Support BeltSo this belt is super lightweight I was so surprised.  It has this cool pulley system in the middle that once you put the belt on your waist you pull the cords to create your desired amount of pressure.  The back support of the past was really cumbersome and made you sweat like crazy.  This one like I said is so lightweight and the mesh allows for your skin to actually breathe.  Think yard work, moving things about the house or really for use anywhere.  The lower back support this belt provides is really impressive.

it bandz Knee Supportthis is really great knee support band that physical therapists are now recommending.  I tried it on before a jog at the track.  The first thing I noticed is how comfortable it was.  It is made from neoprene so it stays in place no matter what you are doing.  You pretty much place on your kneecap and tighten the strap until it fits snugly.  It only costs around $20 making it really affordable for anyone and a great holiday gift!


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