Make Easter Easy This Year With These Two Great Products

With Easter coming up this weekend, some of us may not have had the chance to fully prepare. Between bringing the kids to school, going to work and then going grocery shopping on top of it all, who has time to get into the holiday spirit with our favorite spring holiday?

Well luckily for us, Peter Cotton Tail brought us two products that we absolutely love and that will make this weekend’s holiday a tad bit easier.

Being a mom is all about saving time and this holiday coloring eggs and wrapping baskets up can take the whole day away. We love the brand new Egg Mazzing decorating device and Wrap Buddies tape dispensers that will spare us a few extra minutes that we need completely for ourselves.


Seen on the hit TV show Shark Tank, this nifty device will help you decorate with ease this Easter Sunday – and the kids are going to love it!


No more messy dying cups with the Eggmazzing – all you have to do is place the hardboiled egg into the spinner, turn it on, grab a marker and color the eggs with any color design you choose!

The decorator allows you and your kids to make beautifully colored eggs in a striped and blended design. The best part? No messy hands, tables or stains!

Wrap Buddies

During Christmas, we have stockpiles of tape to help us wrap gifts… then April comes and we’re completely out! That’s why we chose Wrap Buddies, a handy tool that is the ultimate secret weapon that combines all your wrapping necessities into one.

The little (but powerful) device clips onto your table, holds the paper in place and doubles as a tape dispenser! There will be no more messy wrapping tables with the Wrap Buddies by our side. It even has adjustable table clips and can help measure, cut, trim, wrap and tape your presents quicker than ever before.

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