The man of the house is a hairy one!

He likes to drive me nuts; my husband I mean.  He forgets to put the seat down, makes a mess with toothpaste that I just do NOT understand and lately has been growing a beard for some reason.  Not that I don’t like it; I just feel it is one more thing for him to take care of…and between you and me he killed three goldfish this week.

So if you are gonna have the beard you have to take care of the beard.  We are using this opportunity to test out products from BRISK.  He tried the “Beard Shampoo” which I have to say is so refreshing (amazing mixture of tea tree oil and cedar wood).  Side note: in my opinion tea tree oil is gonna save us all.  The beard is super soft to the touch after use.  Their “beard oil” is also packed with essential oils and has an amazing outdoorsy scent.  You got almond, avocado and cedar wood in one little tiny wonderful bottle.  This is really easy to use and not some “girly makeup regime” as my husband would put it.  A few drops run through the beard and you are done.

If he keeps using these products I may tell him the beard can stay…  Also super easy to find them at your local RITE AID.

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