Mandalorian Season Two Trailer is Out

To say that I’m excited would be an understatement.  The Mandalorian is probably the best thing in the Star Wars universe in the history of the Star Wars universe and the new trailer is below.

Why is this trailer awesome?

1) The Mandalorian is the coolest dad ever.  He stands by his adopted Baby Yoda and well, he’s awesome.

2) This introduces so many more characters that we’re dying to see!  Jedi? Check.  Various Planets? Also check.  Even water and battle scenes and well… I think I need some tea to calm down

3) It’s almost as if they’ve taken Season 1 and ramped it up to be even more amazing with this trailer.  The production value is insane, the effects are insane.

If you’ve watched the first season of the Mandalorian, you’re going to lose your mind! If you’ve not watched that first season, drop everything and watch it. Then you’ll watch this and realize how amazing Disney’s production value is here.

The reactions on YouTube to this are going nuts and people seem even more excited about this then the first season.

So mark your calendars and tune into Disney Plus on Oct 30th. Friday night, I will be dressed in cosplay and crying with joy.