Great Quality Leather Products!

I’ve been doing a lot of talking about pampering lately and I am excited to share some great leather products  I have recently been introduced to.  Think gifts for men, women, dads, grandfathers, wedding parties; sky is the limit!

JJ Suspenders:  Think dads, men, wedding parties and more!  These are high quality suspenders that you can determine the fit, color, width, fabric (leather to elastic as available options) and whether clips or buttons will do the trick.  I have always found this accessory such a confusing one.  Do you do the “x” or the “y”? JJ brings you the style guides you need to make the right decision for your event.  We are adoring their oxblood brown leather suspenders that come with interchangeable clip and button attachments ($79).  These are a classic “y” back design and includes a burlap drawstring bag for easy storage.

Aurochs Leather Wallet:  this is quality full grain leather that is highly durable.  This means it will be resistant to wear and tear.  I couldn’t believe how soft the leather feels!  The raw hides for these products come from animals bred for meet and milk purposes.  There is NO harm to animals whatsoever!  Also awesome is that they are made in tanneries that consider minimizing hazardous waste discharge.  They have so many great options for both men and women.  We love the orbit travel wallet ($89.95).  This is the perfect size; not too big and not too small to carry everything you need as you travel.  You can carry your tickets, boarding pass, passport, cash cards and more in a nice organized and safe way.  No panic or worry that you misplaced something!  This is 14-16 bills, 6-8 cards, passport pocket and more.  Full grain leather with authentic 1,700 year old South Asian design.  You simply must check out this quality company!