Crew Bottles for Your Bar!

image of Crew Bottle Co bottle with cork

These days, we are certainly going out less.  This means a glass of wine or cocktail at home with your spouse is probably the much safer way to go.  And in the “spirit” of home improvements, why not take this time to spruce up your home barware.  Crew Supply Co. has great bottles and other home bar gear that will fix you right up. I was lucky enough to check some Crew bottles out this week!

Now, two really awesome things right off the bat include the fact that their compatible design lets you mix and match parts (super convenient when you may need a stopper or a spout).  Also, there are so many color options, you will have a choice to match whatever color scheme you have going on.  These are ultra-hygienic, which means they are doing away with germs as you use them.  How cool is that! This is industry-grade glass which means it’s super durable around the pesky kids that touch “everything.”  They are dishwasher safe, so when it comes time to clean them, you know they are being washed in the most efficient way.

We are loving the Crew Bottle ($18) in crew green.  Two options here: one solid and one with the measurement markings you may need.  Perfect for oil infusions, cocktail ingredients, and simple syrups.   Buy one, three, six, or twelve; whatever you may need to get your setup perfect.  Another option is their Chubby Bottle ($23) which is the perfect size for olive oils, simple syrups, and salad dressings. Same deal on quality and color options. Packs with both sizes are also available!

Now go and design your home’s barware!