BODYARMOR Lyte Is Getting Me Back On Track

Quarantine has me eating and drinking badly.  It is back to the office time so of course I need to drop some of these extra LB’s so people recognize me! (LOL).  With the weather getting hotter, it is always great to embark on new hydration options that are actually good for you.  Did you know that July is National Hydration Month?? Who knew?!?  Check out BodyArmor Lyte; one of our new faves.

This is a low calorie sports drink with absolutely NO artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes.  Actually; no sugar is added period.  I know I am personally sick of just drinking water; I mean I know its necessary and good for the body, but it just has no flavor.  And there is just so much you can do with adding citrus to your water.  I’ve basically tried it all.  BodyArmor Lyte’s answer to that is it’s coconut water base.  And you know what that means….it is packed with potassium/electrolytes too.  They offer 7 fantastic flavors you will be thrilled.  I personally adore the peach mango and the blueberry pomegranate; can you even believe these are options?  Also available are coconut, berry punch, orange clementine, tropical coconut and watermelon.  From a nutritional standpoint, this is a full 16oz of hydration, full of vitamins with no guilt at all.  And it truly does taste yummy!  Go scoop some up for yourself!