Tate’s Cookies for the Holidays

image of two bags each of Tates Gingersnap Cookies and Tates Cinnamon Brown Sugar Cookies

What dessert should you bring to your next holiday gathering? Tate’s cookies have that crunchy deliciousness. If you prefer a crispy cookie, Tate’s Bake Shop has perfected the art of cookie making.

I love Tate’s Chocolate Chip cookies, which are the most popular. Now, I had the pleasure of trying the Gingersnap and Cinnamon Brown Sugar cookies which are part of their holiday collection.

First of all, I couldn’t stop at one cookie. The Gingersnap cookies have ginger as one of the spices and they taste like you are eating pieces of ginger. They are the best Gingersnap cookies I have ever tasted. The Cinnamon Brown Sugar cookies were also yummy and delicious. Also an excellent cookie choice. Both holiday cookies tasted fresh and paired well with milk or coffee.

It’s a good thing these cookies aren’t available year-round because they are highly addictive. I couldn’t stop at one cookie. They make a great snack, gift, or dessert. Tate’s cookies are awesome buttery cookies with a lot of flavor and full of goodness.

The cookies are a family favorite in our household! If you want to make the holidays a little better, you need to try Tate’s holiday collection. If you want to make someone else’s holiday better, you need to gift them Tate’s holiday collection. They will love you a little more for it! You can find the collection on Amazon.

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