Menaji Skincare for Men

The man in your life needs just as much skin care attention as yourself.  Menaji brings you just that with a catch-phrase I think is perfect: “Look Good=Feel Good=Confidence=Success”.  I am kind of thrilled to have the hubby pampering himself with some fantastic products that are truly improving and invigorating his skin.  The entire impressive line of products features help in areas like cleansing, protecting, correcting and concealing.  http://David Expandable Dopp Kit gives you a sweet sampling of key items and is such an awesome value at $95.00.  4 feature items come packaged in an awesome expandable travel bag (major space saver).  “911 eye gel” is an aloe meets chamomile dream.  Stick it in the fridge for a true treat to help rejuvenate your tired eyes.  “Power Hydrator Aftershave” is actually the creamiest aftershave we’ve come across. Truly soothing and smells terrific!  “Deep Cleansing Masque” is going to help you rid your face of black heads and oil while tightening and moisturizing.  “CleanShave 3-in-1 Formula” is amazing; it is literally water, shave gel and aftershave in one tiny bottle.  You need no water (super perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle).  Please check out their website; all of their products contain only the best between botanicals and vitamins and I know you will love them as much as we do!



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