Stick With Me Sweets

Need a great Valentine’s Day treat for your love?  Look no futher than Stick With Me Sweets; these are beyond decadent and delicious hand-shelled bon-bons and truffles in truly unique flavors.  This is not your average box of chocolate and I can beyond vouch for the taste and perfection that is this chocolate shoppe.  These are made in small batches using only natural ingredients (cream, butter, chocolate) from all over the world and are only made on premises at their NYC location: 202A Mott St. New York, NY.

We are talking bon bons, truffles, toffees and more!  You can purchase “Stick With Me” bon bons in 6-12-24 piecce boxes.  I have to say these are simply scrumptious and they absolutely melt in your mouth!  Milk, dark, white: options for everyone’s tastes!  The colors and patterns on these confections are amazing.  They look like a painted art piece.   Oh; you can customize your order and choose flavors you may like.  Please do yourself a favor and grab “liquid salted caramel and the dark chocolates options.  Each and every piece is so rich in flavor and unique combinations of ideas!  Their Valentine’s Day box is the perfect treat and retails for around $45.00.  Please visit for more information, flavor options and to make a purchase.




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