Mightly Children’s Clothing

The tee shirts, pajamas, and masks from Mightly are incredibly pleasing to me. This company uses organic cotton, free from chemicals and dyes, which is not always common in many options for kids’ clothing today. There is a noticeable difference between a well-made, organic cotton material and those commonly used synthetic materials. The tee shirts are versatile and lightweight with just enough stretch to them. They will surely withstand the wear and tear of my 3-year-old as they are handed down to my younger son the following year.

My children have extremely sensitive skin so when I am putting pajamas on them, I want them to have the most comfortable, breathable material possible. Mightly delivers on this! The material is so soft and washes well, without any fading or shrinking. The colors are vibrant, and the patterns are adorable. The company also offers gender-neutral options that don’t have overwhelming patterns. The masks are extremely soft and are adjustable to the child. My 3-year-old will wear it and keep it on because of the comfortable material. This would make any parent happy! Overall, I’m very satisfied with Mightly children’s clothing!

Mightly—organic and Fair Trade Certified children’s clothing. Check them out today!