Uoni Robot Vacuum V980 Review

The Uoni Robot is one of those devices that the entire staff fought to review. Everybody is curious and wants to see how this new generation of robotic vacuums works.


I think that these self-emptying robots with Lidar are basically going to be the next standard of the robots. With current vacuum robots there are two main problems.


The first main problem is that they kind of bounce around your room in a random manner which does get the job done over time, but it’s not exactly the most efficient means of getting it done.


The Uoni Robot vacuum V980 Plus solves that problem by having the robot map out the entire floor using Lidar. If you’re not familiar with Lidar, picture it as essentially a mini radar for your house which tracks the walls as well as movable objects such as chairs and such. It was one of the fastest mappings you had and I tested a few of these robots.


The other inherent problem is what I call “vacation mode”.


No that’s not an official term by any means, but generally speaking I’m running these robots whenever I leave the house. I can tell you that after one or two runs across my floor, generally speaking, it’s still keeps on finding stuff. Not because the robot is inefficient but because my three kids seem to love to hide that many surprises. With the self emptying bin I found that I could store quite a few more loads in it without any concern of the bucket filling up.


I actually had this on a schedule to run over the course of a week, and when I came back I didn’t have the previous problem of the robot being full. It was still going quite a long time.


I could see that feature alone being particularly useful for household where there is a pet and maybe someone dropping off food every day for the pet. I don’t know whether the pet likes that or not, but that is a different situation.


Overall, I love that it’s a solid and powerful unit. I feel a lot of times technology can be built in a manner that you have to worry the things will need to be placed in a year or two, but this is fortunately built like a serious beast.   Between its overall strong build, plus the lidar and emptying, it’s definitely a serious contender in the robotics vacuum market.

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