Universal Mini Garage Door Remote

I love a new gadget or electronic.  I turn into a giddy teenager and cannot wait to rip through the package and get the product working.  I was psyched to put Chamberlains “Universal Mini Garage Door Remote” to the test as a giftable item this holiday season.  I absolutely love how super safe this remote is: you garage door can be safely opened and closed without needing a key.  This is a wonderful solution for your children, the babysitter or really anyone who is as busy as you and I and wants to carry around as little as possible.  Who on your list is a DIY home improvement buff?  Do you need easy and frequent access to your home? Do you absolutely loathe carrying your heavy key ring while you exercise or jog like I do? The “universal mini garage door remote” is the solution.  I couldn’t believe how light and tiny it is; approximately 2.25 inches by 1.25 inches.  The set up is easy and it works with most brand name garage doors (you can even control 2 doors!)   Also compatible with Chamberlains “light control module”, you may use this innovative product to turn on your lamp or a front porch light.  The sky is the limit; dare I suggest you use the remote for your holiday exterior lights?  This is a product that my family and I are loving and we think that you will as well!  Please visit http://www.chamberlain.com/garage-tools/ for more information or to make a purchase.  You can also find the remote at Home Depot stores: http://www.homedepot.com/s/Chamberlain%2520Universal%2520Mini%2520garage%2520door%2520remote?NCNI-5.  This is perfectly priced at $49.99.

mini garage door remote

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